Acqua S.Bernardo
Digital Restyling

Drops of life

The water of San Bernardo was known by the inhabitants of Monferrato as a miraculous spring since ancient times - a legend dating back to 980 AD. It is currently owned by the Montecristo Group, together with Fonte Ilaria of Lucca and Fonti di Posina of Vicenza. San Bernardo produces not just water, but also The Bio [organic iced tea] and beverages. They asked us for a complete restyling of their website.


We created a new corporate website for San Bernardo, with a particular focus on UI/UX design. The new User Experience in fact guarantees easier and more intuitive navigation between content. The Homepage itself becomes a well-organised hub gathering the most relevant and recent materials, thus improving readability and usability of the website (also with particular regard to calls to action) and the hierarchy of the elements.

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